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How Old Is Your Water Heater, Furnace, or AC?

Regular home maintenance includes upkeep, repair, and eventually replacement of the appliances in our homes. An important part in knowing where in the cycle one may be is determining the age of an appliance.

Many of our home appliances make this easy with a date of manufacture on the label. But what about the ones that we use everyday but perhaps don't interact with like the water heater, furnace, or AC? Sometimes there is a place on the label that should list the date of install, but sometimes the label is missing or simply was not filled out. The next step is finding the serial number and decoding the age from there.

Rather than scouring the internet for information on your serial number, Building Intelligence Center has an entire catalog of HVAC and Water Heater brands and how to decode their serial numbers.

These appliances can have a longer range of life than something like the microwave, provided they have been properly maintained and used as intended. Knowing where one of these items is at in age and it's life expectancy can help determine the course of action needed when it comes time to repair or replace and will allow you to be better prepared.

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