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Simple Summer Indoor Home Maintenance

Summer means relaxation, BBQs, vacation, and fun. But home maintenance is a year round necessity and summer heat can make the systems in our homes work extra hard while we play. Here are a few things to add to your summer chore list for inside the home.

HVAC filters: Now is an excellent time to change out the air filters in your HVAC system if you are not already on a regular schedule. They are probably full of spring time pollen along with standard dust. If you have AC that is constantly running, they can fill up quicker in the summer time.

Heating Service: Now is a great time to check on and schedule service for the heating system before a cold winter emergency.

Dryer vents: Depending on how difficult it is to access the duct, it is recommended to clean out the vent system with a vacuum or drill brush to clear out lint build up.

Refrigerator coils: The refrigerator can work extra hard in the summer months to keep cool. Build up of dust on the coils can reduce energy efficiency, so it should be gently vacuumed or wiped away.

Range hood filter: Check the filter above the stove for yellowing or stickiness. This means that there is a build up of grease and oil. This can be removed by simply soaking in hot soapy water for about 20 mins.

Regular routine maintenance keeps our homes running effectively and efficiently for years to come. Knock these simple tasks out and enjoy the rest of summer!

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