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Spring Cleaning: Roof Edition

Spring has sprung and lots of us are motivated to get out into the yard, refresh flower beds, or organize inside. It's time for spring cleaning and an important piece of your home to remember right now is the roof. Here are a few tips and things to look for.

A great first place to check is the attic. Here you will be looking for mold or signs of water damage and leaks. Often times, mold in the attic is due to an insulation or ventilation problem if a leak cannot be found.

Outside, you should begin by clearing and cleaning all debris from the roof. This could be small branches or twigs, leaves, moss, or mold. It's important to keep the roof clear of debris since these items create excellent places for mold to begin growing. Moss acts like a sponge and locks moisture in on the roof. This could allow water to creep under the shingles which can cause leaks and more damage to the home and significant repairs.

Once the debris has been removed from the roof, shingles should be examined. Winter weather can be hard on shingles, causing warping, separating, or loosening. If a problem is found a shingle can be nailed back in place. This is also a good time to check flashings around chimneys or walls to make sure they are still properly in place.

Checking and cleaning out the gutters is also recommended now even if they were cleaned in the fall. Winter still brings lots of debris to the roof which can then collect and clog up gutters. It is important to keep rain water moving freely through spring showers so as to prevent any damage. Regular routine checks of the gutters will also allow you catch any repairs or replacements that may be needed early.

Back on the ground, tree branches should be examined and trimmed back from the roof. This will help with the next time the gutters are cleaned. It will also help prevent damage caused by branches in storms. Keep in mind that large branches should be handled by a professional for the safety of you, your home, and tree.

If you have any questions or need a roof inspection, please contact us at Active Home Inspection Services.

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